Investing in Our Future

Rae Gallagher for FCPS Board of Education

Investing in our educators, programs, and school communities.

Hi there, I’m Rae Gallagher.

I am thrilled to be running for the Board of Education in Frederick County. I unequivocally believe in our public education system and the educators who make it a safe learning environment for our students. The last two school years demonstrated the critical importance of our schools to students and the greater community. My vision for the future of FCPS is a system where all students access a well-rounded curriculum and a safe educational environment that meets their social, emotional, and unique learning needs. A future where students graduate well-prepared for college or vocational programs, with adequate preparation and support for whichever pathway they choose. FCPS will be a school district where all staff members – cafeteria workers, bus drivers, classroom teachers, principals, curriculum specialists and everyone in between – are valued, appreciated, respected, and compensated for the professionals they are. In this vision, FCPS centers the health and safety of all; equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging are core values for employees and students alike; and resources are invested to attract and retain educators who inspire a love of learning and thorough exploration of course content.

Support Our Campaign

Whether you are interested in donating your time, front lawn, or money, I am extremely appreciative of everything that you are capable of giving.